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3 Ways to Glam Up Your Mask This Semester

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Maya Meade, Blogger

As the school year quickly approaches, there are many concerns surrounding how effective the rules of mask-wearing and social distancing will be for college students, and it is no secret that wearing a mask is not desirable for many; it doesn’t feel good, look good or make sense to a lot of people.

While it is true that younger people are less at risk of death if they contract the virus, they are likely to give it to someone else. It is also likely that many of the students on campus have underlying health conditions that others might not be aware of, thus making them more susceptible to illness. Instead of looking at all of the negatives surrounding masks, here are a few ways for masks to be positive and fashionable:

Change your outlook on masks

Photo from the Alabama Medical Center

Consider the lives that each student could save by covering half of their face. Think of the people that you know that are at risk that benefit from you wearing a mask (maybe it is your grandparent, your sibling or your significant other). You may not know every person that you pass on the street, but they are also someone’s friend, partner and family member. They are someone else’s person and the facts that we know right now tell us that wearing a mask can save a life.

Wear a mask that makes you feel confident

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A student that feels good wearing a mask, will look good wearing a mask. There is no reason why anyone should have to wear a mask that they think is ugly or uncomfortable. Not everything is about the way we look, but to a lot of us, it means something. Some people spend an hour getting ready every day to coordinate their outfit perfectly. If this is you, find a mask that matches your shoes, pick a mask for each day of the week or buy a mask with your favorite design on it. Wear something that represents who you are. In a time of political division, use a mask to voice your opinions, stand up for a cause or support a movement.

Support a small business or friend

There are many places that masks can be bought from and there are also many people in communities all over the country that are making masks of all colors and sizes. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an economic toll on the majority of the world. Masks are a necessity for students to safely return to school and there are students struggling financially all over campus. This is an opportunity to get a mask that suits you, is tailored to your style and supports a peer or someone in need.

It may be hard to outweigh the bad with the good, but the benefits of wearing a mask are endless. If masks really aren’t your thing, try a mask alternative like a face shield. But, there is not going to be any way to avoid wearing some sort of face covering, so do it right! Do it your way, with your style and with confidence.

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