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A Short Guide For Short Girls

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Ellie Roberto, Entertainment Editor

As a 5-foot-2 woman, finding the perfect fitting clothes can be a challenge. Pant legs are more often than not too long, and the shoulders are too wide. You could buy platform shoes to try to make up for the height, but that’s only a temporary fix.

Petite sections don’t always exist in malls but thank god for the internet. Online shopping is the best way to find your favorite petite basics that you can keep coming back to. Sometimes, the trends a short woman can and want to follow are limited, but I have found brands that cater to the stylish petite woman. As a longtime shopper and lover of fashion, I have become an expert on finding pieces that fit my body. This is my guide to petite fashion.



Finding the perfect jeans is perhaps the most heartbreaking challenge to take on. I had been snipping 2 to 4 inches off of most of my jeans until I discovered a few favorites that fit short legs perfectly.

  1. Asos (specifically petite Farleigh high-waisted slim mom jeans—you can thank me later.)

  2. Madewell

  3. Express

  4. Gap

  5. Topshop


If you’re shorter than 5-foot-3 and try on any normal pair of leggings, a puddle of polyester-cotton form at the ankles. Here are some brands that carry petite fitness options that you can finesse on the brands that don’t.

  1. Gap

  2. Athleta

  3. Old Navy

  4. Outdoor Voices (the ¾ legging has a 22-inch inseam)

  5. Lululemon Athletica (the 7/8-length pant and they offer free hemming)

  6. Nike (free hemming in stores)


The amount of fashion-forward, petite options is extremely limited compared to regular-sized options, but here are some reputable picks for chic fashion choices.


Everyone wants to look tailored and polished for an interview. For the petite business boss lady, there are more options than you’d think.


There are ways to feel comfortable with your body and clothing companies that want to accommodate your needs. When purchasing clothes, having a wide variety of options allows a petite shopper to take bolder fashion risks to throw on an outfit that looks striking on them.

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