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6 Ways to Bring Spring Break to You

By Emily Squance, Blogger

COVID-19 has forced everyone to create a new sense of normal. Many businesses, colleges and even high schools have been forced to transition to learning and teaching online. Due to this, there aren’t many chances for students and staff to relax and catch a break.

Ohio University has implemented “wellness breaks” but unfortunately spring break was still canceled. However, there are many ways you can bring spring break to you! Here are my top 6 ways to create your own spring break.

Carve Out Family and Individual Time

Sometimes work and school obligations make it hard to make time for family and yourself. The beginning of spring can mean the beginning of a new chapter in your life so try to make the most of it! Even though the coronavirus can make it hard to make plans in public, you can still plan a fun-filled day of COVID-safe shopping, eating and even hiking! Use your springtime to appreciate yourself and those around you!

Go Camping

Depending on where you live, the spring season can bring sunny days and chilly nights. Make the most out of the weather by spending time outside with friends. You can even find the nearest camping ground and dedicate the night to stargazing and s’mores. The weather is often unpredictable so even if outdoor camping isn’t an option, you can set up camp right in your house. Reminisce on your childhood and build a DIY tent fort equipped with pillows, popcorn, candy and Netflix!

Check Out Local Businesses

Even though not being able to have a normal spring break isn’t ideal, you can still devote some of your time to supporting the businesses in your town! The coronavirus caused many businesses around the country to lose profit; giving back to the businesses near you could help your town immensely. Planning a day trip for you and your friends to explore a town nearby and its local shops could allow you to get a mini getaway. Supporting small businesses near you not only allows you to find some unique items, but it also allows you to give back to the community.

DIY Film Festival

It can be hard to align your schedule with your family and friends, especially during such an unpredictable time. Try to plan a COVID-safe day or night with friends and family dedicated to watching movies and eating sweets. If you want to make it really fancy, you can make a mini snack bar and face mask station for your guests to relax and unwind. Some people may be hesitant to go to an actual movie theater so this gives you a chance to relax and unwind in your own home!

Have a Spa Day

Spring break has always given students and teachers the time to relax and devote some time to themselves. Having a spa day is the perfect way to treat yourself and have a stress-free day. You can go to a local Walmart or Kroger and get face masks to do with your friends! If you want to bump your spa day up a notch you can purchase higher-end face masks from Lush or Sephora that can be used more than once. Booking an appointment for you and your friends to get manicures and pedicures is also a good option but you can always save money and do them at home. Walmart sells foot soaking machines that can bump your at-home nail day to the next level!

Take a Day Trip

A big part of being able to travel during spring break is the ability to be able to get out of town for a little bit and experience life and culture somewhere else. Even though you may not be able to plan a trip for the spring, do the next best thing and explore a neighboring town or city near you. Many bigger cities throughout Ohio have a lot of fun and COVID-safe activities for people to do. Planning a day to shop, go to a museum and even dine at a new restaurant can allow you to still adventure and experience a new environment. Even though many businesses had to close due to the pandemic, there are still lots of fun interactive places to spend your day!

Spring break may not be happening for many students and staff, but there are still many ways you and your friends can bring some of the fun and relaxation home. Remember that just because it may be getting closer to the end of the term, COVID-19 is still upon us so it is important to continue to respect the protocols your city has in place!

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