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5 Upcoming Fall Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By John Pierron, Executive Editor

Through the start of 2020, we have encountered a surprise at every turn, including within the fashion industry. As we live through the unexpected, many are hoping for some semblance of normalcy heading into fall, and though we cannot predict everything autumn has in store, we can predict some of the hottest trends you should anticipate seeing hit the racks and your social media timelines! Here are five fall fashion trends we are looking forward to taking over this year:


Photos from Gucci, Chimera Store and Another Man

Bermuda Shorts

Photos from Pixie Market and Become Chic


Photos from Real Style Network, Ritani and IJL


Photos from Be Global Fashion Network, Pinterest and WardrobeFocus


Photos from Couturezilla, and CR

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