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Upcoming Fashion Trends in 2022

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Maria Welch, Blogger

Just two months into the new year, and we see a rise in denim, upcycled clothing and more leather. Along with that, we see more natural-sheer styles in both men and women. Each of these styles let people express themselves more freely than ever before.

From social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, we see multiple posts of out- of- the ordinary fashion trends that are accepted to wear by both men and women. This generation is fueled by creativity and authenticity. We thrive off of being confident, and we flaunt our bodies while expressing ourselves through each style. This year, the main focus in fashion will be versatility, authenticity and realism. Not just your character, but fashion trends that are not gendered and show the acceptance of every body type.

Below are some trends to look out for in 2022!

Faux Fur & Leather

Faux fur gives people a way to feel fashionable, classy and comfortable, while still being stylish. There’s a pop of fashion thrown in the outfit just by the enhancement the fur gives. In the picture above singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo dresses down the faux fur look with a comfy big tee.

Just near the end of 2021, we saw a huge change in leather-wear. With styles like sets, skirts and jackets, many artists are seen using this flattering material to show off curves, feel bad-ass or to layer with other sweatshirts and sweaters to keep warm.


The sheer look gives people a way to feel mysterious and sexy, while still being fashionable. Worn at the Fendi Haute Courte Show, Noomi Rapace shows a little skin, wearing an all-black sheer dress that was voted this week’s best dressed on Vogue Magazine. Emma Chamberlain also wearing sheer.


Denim clothing is a great way to add a vintage look to any piece of clothing and is also a good source of clothing for layering. If you don’t want to have the full on look, you can get clothing that is made to look like denim wear. This is also a great style for hats, purses and other bags. Many people have been putting a twist on these styles with denim dresses, bralettes and shoes.


Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Runway and Fashion

Skirts are on the rise for the upcoming spring season. Whether you want to wear a mini skirt suit or wear a comfortable cotton skirt to lounge around in, either option can make an outfit. Model, Quannah Chasinghorse is seen wearing a classic Chanel suit, to give off a classy-preppy look.

Non-gendered Clothing

Non-gendered clothing is something that is important because it gives people the ability to express themselves without being seen as less. No matter your pronouns, it’s becoming more acceptable to wear whatever you want.

No matter which style you choose, each can be worn differently to express the look you want. This year, don’t be afraid to “go outside the box” and try picking up something from the store you wouldn’t normally wear! Be versatile, confident and real.

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