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Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends to MAKE your outfit

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Sarah Osterle, Blogger

It’s the time of year where pumpkin spice lattes and fuzzy socks come out! This is also the best time to bring out new and maybe some old fashion trends to be stylish yet comfy. Fashion trends of 2021 have been quite funky from chunky rings to fun flared pants but for this coming fall, I have five fun trends that will add spunk to your outfit!

Anything leather

This can range from leather pants, skirts, jackets, etc. I mean ANYTHING leather can level up your outfit! For example, adding leather pants to a neutral top can really add a flare to your outfit and can work for class or even going out. My other favorite is adding a leather jacket to a bodycon dress. You can find the perfect faux leather jacket at H&M! This can make your outfit a little bit more edgy with no effort at all! Leather is a perfect way to add texture to a plain outfit.

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A good shacket is so versatile. It’s perfect for a day at the pumpkin patch or even perfect as a jacket to wear over a going-out outfit. These jackets are so comfy! I recommend running to your nearest Urban Outfitters or even H&M or they will be gone!

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Funky Tights

Now there have been lots of funky patterns from this past summer like chunky patchwork to screen prints and even checkerboard! These patterns won’t stop there. Funky, or printed, tights have been on the rise and can make a dull outfit have some spice! Using a plain dress or skirt you can add a floral or highly saturated tight which can up your look. These will for sure add some uniqueness to your style and are so simple to do!

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Although blazers were in style in the spring and summer of 2021, they will definitely be coming back into style this fall. A perfect oversize blazer can be dressed up and also dressed down – perfect for any occasion. Using an oversized blazer can change your silhouette by adding it with a mini skirt and a slicked-back bun. For a more casual look, you can use a cropped blazer with straight-leg jeans with a cute claw clip. Blazers have been seen on all of our fashion favorites ranging from Hailey Baldwin to even Chrissy Teigen!

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Tall Boots

Boots are simply essential in the fall, but tall, knee-highs can up your style. Tall or knee-high boots come in and out of style. For this season they are definitely back. Taller boot options can range from wider cowgirl styles, to loose fitting options, to even tight-fitting thigh-highs. These boots will lengthen your look as well as your height!

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