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New Hairstyles for the New Year

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Emilie Burch, PR Director

If there was anything to take away from 2021 it is that the movement in self-expression is only just beginning. It comes in the form of dressing in bold styles, trying new daring makeup looks and to complete the look wearing the hottest hairstyles of the year.

Influenced through celebrity style and pop culture phenomenons, the hair we expect to see trending this year will only elevate your look even further. Here are 5 hairstyles to try in 2022: 

DIY Blowout

The fresh blowout after a haircut can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home. With the rise of the Dyson Airwarp this past holiday season, came the desire for voluminous locks every day. For a more affordable option, try hair rollers to achieve that same classic hairstyle.

Credits: @uhpinterestgirl on Pinterest

Credits: @kensnation on TikTok

Hair accents

As 90’s and 2000’s fashion and beauty continues to circulate in the world of style, we expect to see a rise in hair accents and accessories such as hair tinsel, butterfly clips and the beloved claw clip. 

Credits: @iamandco on Pinterest

Credits: @bezapammer on Pinterest

Slicked back half-up pony

A trend that has held consistent over the years through several variations, the slicked back half-up pony is making its return thanks to the influences of Euphoria. Just like Cassie, we want to copy Maddy’s iconic hairstyle this year.  

Credits: @Rich_cont on Twitter

Credits: @kyliecosmetics on Pinterest

Face framing bangs

There is no better time than now to get bangs. Whether it be to achieve a french inspired short bob with bangs cut or a long, layered 70’s style bangs, face framing curtain bangs are a chic way to transform your hair for the new year.

Credit: @luvalyssamiller on Instagram

Credits: @yourclassylook on Pinterest


Many iconic braided styles were worn this past year by celebrities such as Zoë Kravitz’s Met Gala look and Zendaya’s look worn to the Council of Fashion Designers awards. This year we are predicting the protective hairstyle to be worn in a variety of different styles. 

However you choose to style your hair this year, we suggest trying something new to celebrate this new year and the ever-evolving version of yourself!

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