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VRNTselects: Joseph Minde-Berman

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Joseph Minde-Berman, ‘Jojomber,’ is an artist and musician from Yellow Springs, Ohio. The 18-year-old works to produce music that confronts his emotions. Berman describes his genre of music as indie pop.

Joseph Minde-Berman, 18

Yellow Springs, OH


“Throughout my life, I have realized that the feeling of releasing a personally emotional product into the world and getting to see people enjoy and relate to it offers me an unmatched joy. The relationships and comfort that this process has offered me are probably my biggest motivation to keep creating,” Berman said.

Berman is inspired by the vulnerability of Lana Del Rey and desires to build a similar relationship with his own listeners.

Another of Berman’s greatest influences is his dad, “While music has no relevance to his career, he finds a way to make time for it every single day because it brings him joy. He has definitely transferred that passion to me, and I hope that by the time I am his age, music will still be present in my life,” he said.

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