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VRNTselects: Dae’na Hayden

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Dae’na Hayden is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Dayton, OH. She founded and runs her own clothing brand, Fiya Collections. The brand aims to produce fashionable and empowering pieces for women. Her main goal for the line is to be a positive impact on confidence.

Dae’na Hayden, 20

Dayton, Ohio


“I am an entrepreneur, running an online boutique tailored to women. Being CEO of my brand I am responsible for it all. Stocking product, labeling, shipping, customer carefully, advertising, budgets, etc.”

“A lot of inspiration comes from the people and things I see around me everyday. My family, friends, and the media. My family because they are always going to give me constructive criticism, and meaningful feedback about my brand. My friends simply because they will be honest with me and support me in any way that they can. And lastly, the media keeps me updated on what’s fresh and new. I need to know all the trends that left, came back, and what everyone is wearing because this will determine how to stock my inventory.”

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