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VRNTselects: Anna Ezell

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Anna Ezell, 19, of Columbus, OH is a collage artist. Collages are visually interesting compilations of various mediums. Ezell utilizes vintage magazines typically from the 1940-1980 period. She hand cuts and glues the magazines and uses an occasional paint, pen or sparkle.

Graphics by Jordan Schmitt

Anna Ezell, 19

Columbus, OH


Ezell draws her inspiration predominantly from her magazines. “The inspiration comes on each page that I turn. I will be flipping through my magazines and be captivated by a specific photo, a specific person, a specific saying. The greatest beauty of collage art is that I never step into my work with ideas,” Ezell said.

The young artist hopes that the work she creates inspires others as well. She hopes that the liberation she receives from her art is translated to others.

“I’ve found a real beauty and freedom in rawly expressing myself through my art. I hope that others can see the power of doing so as well,” she said, “No matter what it is, I hope it makes them feel.” 

When asked how she would describe her work, Ezell responded: “I would say I create universes. Whether that universe be magical, chaotic, serene, or mysterious, I love the idea of creating a new life for the pieces I use.”

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