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Take It From Us: Finding the Silver Lining Amidst Uncertainty

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Responses collected by Jordan Schmitt, Head of PR

Illustrations & Prompt by Harley Wince, Contributer


“I’ve realized how much I base my happiness on being around others, or how extroverted I am.” – Kailee Richey

“I’ve learned to appreciate the people who love me through the bad times and not just the good and I’ve learned that my voice is important and needs to be heard no matter what. There can be no change without realization and communication.” – Annie Kautz


“My understanding of what things are necessary and unnecessary belonging wise. You don’t need a lot to be happy.” – Ellie Roberto


“I feel more connected than ever to the earth and it’s inhabitants due to the state of the world.” – Saylor Evans


“Life is precious. With police violence and a pandemic it has taught me that time is precious.” -A’aryona Fontes


“Life has been harder. It’s harder to see the good in people and society.” -Kyal Massie


“I’ve learned to protect my peace and be mindful of who I let have access to my life.” -Erin Massie


“Realizing that adulthood is just u learning all the bad stuff you were taught as a kid.” -Cydnee Livingston


“I’ve learned that much more is in our hands than I previously thought. Our future is malleable, so we need to make it what we want of it.” -John Pierron


“With everything going on in the world I have decided to find peace in the storm.” -Zoie Lambert

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