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Sustainable College Essentials

By: Grace Potochney, Blogger 

For a long time, not only our country but the world has seen the environment arise and become global issues, but it was until the past five years that this matter has gained awareness by us. As an elementary schooler about a decade ago, I remember learning about recycling and it seemed like something fun that adults wanted young children to know. But, here we are entering 2022 and some researchers say our planet is in its emergency mode.

As college students there are still ways to be mindful and environmentally friendly when we’re attending school and also trying to live our lives. Also, living on our own at school away from home, there are definitely some college essentials we need and use in our daily lives. With that being said, I’ve created a list of items that I think are essential for college students, but are also more eco-friendly.

Tote Bags

Obviously we had to start with some form of a bag because Athens is very much a walking campus and whether it’s classes, work, or shopping, it’s nice to have a great bag. Some backpack and tote brands that are eco-friendly and come from ethical brands are Patagonia, Terra Thread and Beekeeper Parade. One of my most recent favorite brands is Baggu, created by Emily Sughhara after she graduated from college. She quickly became very successful when she created these eco-friendly tote bags which are also very stylish and fun. Last month, I ordered a laptop case from Baggu and it’s very stylish but also protective which is great.

Reusable Water Bottle

I don’t think you can go anywhere on campus without seeing a brightly colored Hydro Flask or Yeti. Plastic has a hard time ever truly decomposing so, it is important to limit your plastic use when you can. And plus, with a reusable water bottle your water stays colder longer and every building on campus has refillable statons. Some insulated reusable water bottle brands are Hydro Flask, Yeti, Camelbak, S’well and Klean Kanteen.

Card Holders

I think we can all agree we’ve come across numerous debit cards, student IDs and giftcards of some sort laying on Court Street. While trying to stay organized, we can also give back and stay eco-friendly. Hyer Goods is a brand based out of New York that recycles trash to create their leather goods. They make card holders that stick on the back of your phone which is very convenient for college students.


As students, it can be difficult to always have your life in order and stay organized. For me, I don’t know what I’d do without my planner storing all my tasks and meetings for the week. Papier, is a brand whose goal is to create products with cool designs that someone can make their own while limiting waste and carbon emissions.

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