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Things to do in Athens that aren’t on Court Street

By Emma Khayat

It makes sense that Uptown is the most popular place in the city throughout the week, as it’s so conveniently close. However, today, we are going to forget about Uptown and check out things to do in Athens that aren’t on Court Street.

Stroud’s Run is first on this list for it is beautiful and scenic views. I know it is starting to get colder, but this place has got to be first on your list to visit if Mother Nature has one more heat wave in her! This lake is so beautiful and peaceful, every time I go with my friends, I don’t even feel like I’m in Athens anymore! It is a little bit of a trek, but it is worth the journey. 

Next on this list is catching a sports game. Football is still happening, basketball has already started, and hockey has only just begun. There are tons of sports events happening at Ohio University throughout the week, and it’s a fun chance to kick back and watch a game with your friends. Also, tickets are discounted for students if not free, so it is a cost-efficient way to have fun. 

The third item on this list is the Kennedy Museum of Art. Located at what was once the Ridges, this gallery boasts timeless art, spooky history, and intricate architecture. There are some stunning and meaningful pieces there that you won’t want to miss. They also have some engaging and interesting interactive works that make it stand out in comparison to other museums.

I also would recommend the Ridges grounds in general. As it was once a fully functional mental hospital, the Ridges has so much history and lore behind it that I almost feel like it figuratively speaks to me. It is on the National registry for historic places and is considered one of the most haunted places in Ohio, so if you love spooky concepts, this is right up your alley. However, if you don’t like spooky things, you get a solid view of Athens from the grounds. 

Another eye-catching attraction in Athens is the Hocking River. Conveniently close to campus, I recommend taking a nice stroll down the Adena bike path. This path stretches up to 20 miles and features nothing but consistently breath-taking views along the way. I specifically recommend taking this walk while the suns sets;, I promise it will change your life I promise.

Finally, I also recommend hitting up the farmers market before it closes for the winter. Located on East State Street, the farmers market runs from April to November and is open every Wednesday. Whether you are getting a snack or some ingredients to make your next meal, the farmers market will cater to your needs and taste delicious no matter what. Not to mention, it’s rated the best farmers market in Ohio!

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