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Resources Available in Athens, Ohio, For Survivors of Sexual Assault

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Madison Kopp, Blogger

Sexual assault is a difficult, but important topic to learn about. It is especially important to understand this topic among college students. The #MeToo movement is a very powerful display to empower women as well as men to break the silence of their sexual assault experiences. College students are in one of the most vulnerable age groups for sexual assault, especially during what has become infamously known as the “Red Zone.” The first six weeks of college are considered a “red zone” for incoming freshmen as it often sees the highest numbers of sexual assaults reported.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, consider utilizing these resources for support:

Resources available in Athens, Ohio

740-592-3313 or 911 for emergency / 11 North College Street

The Violence Against Women Unit with a special investigator and social worker can provide confidential victim services.

1-800-443-3402 (24/7 Line) /

Provides shelter and social services for survivors of domestic/dating violence.

740-593-5551 (24/7 Line) / 55 Hospital Drive

Sexual Assault Forensic Nurse Examiner (SAFE) present 24/7 to provide medical attention and collect evidence.

740-591-4266, 77 E State Street /

SAOP offers many survivor services including a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention and advocacy, medical advocacy, and accompaniment, as well as many more.


Resources available at Ohio University

740-597-7233 (24/7 Line) / Lindley Hall 038 /

OUSAP offers many services including in-person advocacy (walk-in or by appointment), legal advocacy, confidentiality, community information, resource referrals, and many more.

740-593-1616 (24/7 Line) / 3rd Floor Hudson Health Center /

CPS provides professional and confidential counseling to students. They offer a survivors group, as well as a support group, are available.

740-593-1911 / 88 University Terrace /

OUPD investigates allegations of sexual misconduct that occur on campus. Officers will work to ensure the well-being of the survivor.

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