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Gaia's Realms

By Renae Hefty

In September, Gaia’s Realms opened on N Court St. The store, owned by Jessica Stinson, was previously located in Nelsonville, Ohio. 

Stinson moved her shop to Athens to offer her psychic services to Ohio University students. She had her store in Nelsonville for two years. She says business has been good, and some clients from Nelsonville still visit the store. 

Stinson got her start going to psychic fairs and gradually becoming more public about what she does. “I worked really hard,” she said. “At the time I had a full-time job, so I did this on the weekends and after work.” 

Stinson provides Blue Ray and Reiki healing, as well as psychic readings. Customers have the opportunity to learn how to use their own psychic gifts from Stinson, which she says everyone has.

“You know, just like with anything, practice makes perfect, so the more that you practice, the more energy you can channel,” Stinson says.

Stinson explained that the difference between Blue Ray and Reiki is they use different methods of invoking energy. Reiki is a kind of spiritual healing that channels energy through symbols drawn with the palm of the hand. Then, the practitioner places their hands over the person. Stinson specifically uses the symbol Cho Ku Rei. This process is supposed to unblock energy pathways in the body.

Legally, there aren’t any regulations over qualifications for practicing Reiki. However, people aren’t supposed to practice Reiki if they haven’t been taught by a Reiki master. There are three stages to learning Reiki, the third being the master level. 

Prices for her classes can be found on her website, Clients can pay for the first and second classes together, but the master class is separate. “Or you could just take reiki one, and later do reiki two;, it just kind of depends on the person,” Stinson says.

Blue ray healing involves making a chi sound. Blue Ray healing, like Reiki healing, is supposed to clear blockages in the body’s chakra system.

Stinson said she uses a blue ray to place her own energy into other people, candles, or the lotions she sells. 

Either healing method has the ability to ease tension and stress. Stinson claims this has helped many of her clients manage their anxiety or depression, some even to the point where they don’t need to take medication. 

She explained this is because chakras play a big role in mental, physical, and spiritual health. Those are things a lot of college students need to balance more.

Stinson’s also worked with recovering addicts, with generally good results. She said, “the healing helps to give them the strength, the energy, to keep moving forward.” 

Gaia’s Realms also sells items from local artists, including paintings from Sharon Dean, owner of Mystic Sisters Studio. There’s also spoon jewelry from Luke Hall, owner of the Makers loft in Nelsonville, whom Stinson says she has been friends with their “whole lives.” Stinson herself makes T-shirts, clay gnomes, water bottles, and witches’ bells. “I would much rather support small businesses than large corporations,” Stinson says. 

Stinson says she takes walk-ins for healings or readings. She can also do them over the phone or video chat. Stinson is open to teaching anyone who wants to learn about spiritual health.

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