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Athens’ Historic Athena Cinema

By Sophia Ball

Photos taken by Nandi Gott

Feature photo taken from the Athens County website

The Athena Cinema is a historic movie theater located in Athens, Ohio. Formerly known as the Majestic Theater, The Athena opened in 1915 and has been ever-growing since. In the early 2000s, the theater was renovated and transformed into an art-house cinema that features independent films, documentaries, and other specialty programs. The theater includes three screens, 35mm and digital projection capabilities, and a concession stand. The Athena Cinema is owned and operated by Ohio University and is located on Court Street in downtown Athens.

One featured series The Athena Cinema promotes throughout the year is its annual Spring Sustainability Series. This upcoming year is the 10th season of The Spring Sustainability which is a bi-monthly series that touches on various topics including (but not limited to) climate change, intersectional environmental activism, and citizen engagement.

Figure 2: Sustainability Series The Great Green Wall

The Sustainability Series is accompanied by a panel of professionals at each showing. They facilitate an open dialogue revolving around sustainability. The diverse panels that are composed together offer a unique audience experience that encompasses thought-provoking knowledge and community engagement. I highly recommend seeking out showings of this series throughout the spring!

Figure 3: Sustainability Series: Revolution Generation

Another program showcased by The Athena Cinema is the various projects assembled by Ohio University’s Film and Music students throughout the year. The School of Film Screenings are hosted every fall by The Athena Cinema providing talented students the platform to display film projects they have compiled. Admission to these showings is free which provides fellow peers and community members the accessible opportunity to immerse themselves with the latest film expertise. Alongside the film students, the Ohio University Performing Arts program also showcases their coursework and music-themed events throughout the year.

The Athena Cinema has also recently released a collection of merchandise which includes T-shirts and crewnecks! The merchandise that is shown in these photographs can be purchased directly in person at The Athena Cinema concession stand. Purchasing merchandise is one way you can foster support for your local theater and the wide range of events they provide every month.

Check out The Athena Cinema website for upcoming events and find yourself immersed in a community of fellow film and art lovers!

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