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8 cell phone accessories that are both cute and convenient

By Libby Evans

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to make a list. Lucky for you, I made one with my favorite phone accessories to make being chronically online easier, cuter, and more fun! Tally up your devices and get your friends these adorable accessories that fit their style or their spunky personality. 

1. Cable protector

Not only are these cable protectors important to make your charging cable last as long as possible, but they are also absolutely adorable. Just the other day my charging cable which I’ve had for only a couple of months, stopped working. My guess is due to the fact that I bend and pull it relentlessly to meet my needs, and karma told me this is why I can’t have nice things. I just know if I had a cute cable protector I would be happy and have a fully charged phone at the same time. These are from Etsy for only $6.42, have great reviews, and help support small business owners. 

2. Banana phone

If you’ve never held up a banana to your ear and pretended to be on the phone, suddenly passing it to a baby and saying, “It’s for you,” now’s your chance! This manufactured banana not only looks like the real fruit, but it works like an actual phone! This banana connects to all bluetooth devices; it’s completely rechargeable with an included cable, has a 10-hour talk time, and a 30 ft Bluetooth range. It also doubles as a speaker to play music. The best part is, 1% of all sales are donated to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas through 1% for the Planet. You can find it on Amazon for $40. 

3. Wallet phone case

Do you know when you go out and you have to hold your phone, your wallet, your purse, your camera, and probably a few other things while also not having any pockets? This wallet phone case will take at least a few of those things out of your hands. Keep all of your IDs and everything safe and with you wherever you go because you won’t go anywhere without your phone. Also, it’s cute. This one can be found on Etsy for $26 and offers a variety of colors. 

4. Phone charms

We already know about unique phone cases or stickers to decorate them, but what about phone charms? These loop around pockets of phone cases to add a fun little friend or bracelet to your case. There are so many different designs and charms that you could match your charm to your outfit! This pink bow charm strap is $14.50 on Etsy, and the duck charm is only $3.82, also on Etsy

5. Mini Microphone

In the modern age, as we stay connected even from great distances, videos, voice memos, or video chats are a great way to feel even closer. With this mini microphone, you can have fun while you chat on the phone. Even more, you can interview people with a real microphone or have karaoke nights feeling like a true pop star. You might not need a mini mic, but your future beatboxing career does. $7 on Amazon. Mic, drop. 

6. Kodak Step Wireless Photo Printer

As a college student or any young person in a new place, one way to make your space feel like home is by putting up pictures of loved ones or happy memories. With this mini Bluetooth photo printer, you can cover your walls in no time! You could also use pictures to make a collage or to fill a scrapbook or photo album. This printer uses Zink innovation to replace ink cartridges. It comes with a starter pack of  Kodak Zink paper that can be restocked through Kodak. The printer itself can be found on Amazon for $70.

7. Mini projector

Movie nights just got 10 times better, and now you can watch them anywhere! This mini projector is making me want to build a fort in my dorm room, hang up a giant sheet, maybe add some twinkle lights, and cuddle up with a giant bowl of popcorn. Anyone else? This portable, mini projector is currently 50% off on Amazon for only $50.

8. Fun air pod case holder

I know your Airpods already come with a case, but I have a few problems with it. First of all, it’s sleek and small and could easily be lost or slip out of a bag. Secondly, I just know if I dropped it, a few years would be taken off my Airpods’ lives. Finally, my last problem is it looks just like everyone else’s! If three friends put their airpod cases in a pile, how would they know which one is theirs? The answer is they won’t. The solution is to purchase one of these unique cases! Even if it’s lost, you can report it missing as a specific, identifiable, brightly covered Skittles case. This Skittles case is $12, and the crochet pouch is $10, both on Etsy. 

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