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14 Eco-Friendly Brands and Products for Sustainability

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Jordan Schmitt, Lifestyle Editor

As the conversation surrounding climate change continues to be a hot topic, sustainable brands are quickly becoming more mainstream.

Using products that elevate sustainability and shopping for eco-friendly options can take more work and thought. But in the end, it makes you a well-informed person who cares about the planet! We do only have one planet after all. These 14 brands and products are currently doing their part to promote more conscious shopping and force people like us to think about what we buy.



These are some of the best brands that are mindfully combatting fast fashion.


Pact Pact is proud of its eco-friendly clothing and mission to practice fair-trade and sustainability. The company uses organic cotton and utilize processes that require less cotton. Their goal to transition from “fast fashion into ethical fashion” is one we can all learn a thing or two about.


Made Trade The founder of Made Trade saw an opportunity for new brands that promote ethical fashion. Shipping is 100% carbon neutral. The company remains sustainable by using materials that are eco-friendly, recycled and upcycled. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company sources and harvests materials for their products locally, all of which are completely vegan.


Threads 4 Thought The clothing we buy and the brands we shop from are a symbol of support to the standards and practices of the companies. Threads 4 Thought describes this as “casting a vote with your wallet,” which is the perfect way to put it. By going out of the way to find brands that promote sustainability as well as ethical and moral practices, we can be more well-versed consumers. T4T is also partnered with the International Rescue Committee, giving back to refugee communities globally.



Sustainable cosmetic products are all the rage right now. I mean, who doesn’t love using all natural and eco-friendly skin care and self-care products?


EcoTools EcoTools takes pride in makeup brushes that are made entirely from recycled materials such as aluminum, plastic, and bamboo. The company is PETA-certified and 100% vegan safe!


Dirty Hippie Dirty Hippie is a New Zealand-based cosmetic brand that prides itself on being environmentally conscientious and sustainable. Soaps and shampoos come in bar form to lessen packaging with all natural ingredients.


Fat and the Moon Lip stains, moisturizers, cleansers, toiletries and everything in between, just looking at this website has me convinced that I’ll be ordering from them extremely soon. The herbalists at Fat and the Moon set out to make potions that are “mediums of empowerment through self care.” They aim for sustainability through minimized and recyclable packaging.


Peace With the Wild — Boogie Nights Gold Biodegradable Glitter Whether you need to sparkle for Halloween or the next Fest, using glitter that is free of plastic is an environmentally conscious choice. Boogie Nights Gold Biodegradable Glitter by Peace With the Wild is 100% biodegradable and does not harm the planet once the party’s over. Also, standard glitter can be much harsher on skin and contains more allergens. Make the switch.


Bamda — Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds Using reusable, recycled or biodegradable cotton rounds for makeup and cosmetic purposes is a minimal switch to reducing a great deal of waste! Check them out here.


Clean-Faced Cosmetics Clean-Faced Cosmetics sells all of their products in reusable metal tins. You can then order zero-waste refills at a discounted price! Their products are also completely vegan and not tested on animals!



Oftentimes, minor changes in our day-to-day routines can help us be more effectively sustainable. These products are examples of how to actively achieve that sentiment every day.


The Vegan Warehouse — Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Organic, vegan AND biodegradable?! Not only is the plastic harmful to the environment, but the petroleum in normal toothbrushes is another detrimental factor. Use The Vegan Warehouse’s bamboo toothbrush and do your part to reduce plastic.


Hydro Flask Whether you’re drinking iced water or hot coffee, a Hydroflask bottle keeps beverages at the perfect temperature. Eliminating plastic water bottles and cups, and not to mention straws, is a huge step up to aid the environment. And pro-tip: using reusable bottles and cups saves you money at most coffee shops!


The Little Market This nonprofit organization is very impactful in their mission to promote fair trade and conscious shopping while advocating for social justice. More than just a brand, The Little Market empowers women and marginalized communities through ethically sourcing from underserved groups and paying fair wages. Through sustainable production practices, the company puts environmental awareness as a top priority. Their wide range of products is useful for so many aspects of day-to-day life!


Onya — Reusable Produce Bag A trip to the grocery store can be a mundane task that tends to add up. One thing we don’t always consider is putting our fruits and veggies in separate plastic bags, only to throw them away once the produce is gone. Onya’s produce bags are designed to be reused while grocery shopping to avoid all of the disposed baggies we go through. The mesh material keeps the inside cool and fresh with easy water and air flow. Standard plastic bags actually limit the freshness of produce. Additionally, the material is made from recycled plastic water bottles, so the wins are countless here.


Pilot — “Bottle-2-Pen” Recycled Pens Humans go through millions of pens… and plastic bottles. Bottle-2-Pen (B2P) Recycled Ball Point Pens are Pilot’s eco-friendly alternative to their normal plastic pen. It is the first pen to be produced out of recycled plastic bottles!

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