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VRNTselects: Lilah Gagne

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Lilah Gagne is a 19-year-old model and creative from Athens, OH. She studies Strategic Communication at Ohio University and minors in Fashion (RFPD).

Lilah Gagne, 19

Athens, Ohio


“Through modeling I try to express raw sexuality and I also focus on normalizing nudity. My goal is to show the fluidness and versatility of the human form. My body has always been my canvas. I embrace power, boldness and vibrancy. Those are the three elements I hope people grasp from my work.

There is power in vulnerability. I’ve never been ‘a brush it under the rug’ kind of person. I’m loud, I take the things that people are uncomfortable with and shove it in their face. Some days my photos are colorful and out of the box. Some days I feel explosive, other days I’m soft and delicate and maintain simplicity.”

Graphics by Jordan Schmitt

“What I express depends on my mood, but the overall theme still stands. I make my presence known. I really don’t have anything to hide. I’m very open and public about a lot of things, and I think it shows in my art.”

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