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Everything Remembered: A journey of personal storytelling

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Abby Lindley, PR Director

“It’s a pleasure to share one’s memories. Everything remembered is dear, endearing, touching, precious. At least the past is safe though we didn’t know it at the time. We know it now. Because it’s in the past; because we have survived.” (Sontag)

I pride myself on having a horrible memory. I forget birthdays and meetings. I forget what my favorite song was two years ago and who I went to my freshman year homecoming with. I am self-aware of how unaware I am of my own past. After coming to this realization about 7 years ago, I began to write things down. The result is 7 volumes of life told through the lens of a younger me. I wrote about high school drama, living through a pandemic, starting college, and becoming an adult. These writings define and outline some of the most important moments of my own coming-of-age story. This photo series highlights my journey of personal storytelling.

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