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Improve Your Perspective on Life With the Mindset Mentor Podcast

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Emily Squance, Blogger

Is the glass half empty or half full? You’ve probably been asked this question at least once in your life and your answer may say a lot about you and your mindset. Mindset Mentor has slowly gained popularity by providing a podcast that puts forth tips and tricks on how to improve your mindset and overall confidence with life.

There are a lot more benefits of having a positive mindset than you might think. Researchers have found that having a positive mindset can lower stress levels and improve psychological and physical well-being. There are also many external benefits to having a positive mindset, like increased confidence in yourself and your decisions. When you adopt a more positive mental headspace, you can start to notice and appreciate the small things life has to offer.

Mindset Mentor is a podcast that was designed for anyone who desires to find motivation and love for the life they live. Host Rob Dial is not only able to connect with his listeners but also establish a sense of relatability with each topic he covers. Dial’s goal is to allow his listeners to gain insight and clarity on life’s purpose and vision. He has slowly but surely accomplished his mission considering his podcast is rated on iTunes as the number one motivational podcast.

Changing your mindset can sound daunting but Mindset Mentor helps listeners slowly build the foundation for a positive mindset. Dial starts many conversations in his podcast that are essential to becoming more comfortable with yourself and the life you’ve been given. One of his episodes entitled “Why Pain is a Good Thing” gives listeners insight on how to approach certain difficulties in life with a new perspective.

There’s going to be a point (or multiple points) in someone’s life where they experience true pain and heartbreak. Going through the stages of healing through that pain is important but understanding the benefits of the pain is equally important. Dial urges his listeners to ask one basic question, “What is this pain trying to tell me?” The universe works in mysterious ways and oftentimes we have to endure pain to understand what we truly want out of life.

Perspective is a key element in having a positive mindset. How you see the world will stay with you throughout the day and shifts your reality. If you go about your day with a negative outlook on your life and situation, then you’re bound to attract negative energy and thoughts. One of Dial’s episodes is titled “Are You Seeing the World Incorrectly?” and tackles this concept of changing your reality.

We all have a different reality in life and sometimes other realities are harder to accept than others. It’s hard to see a bad situation as a potentially positive experience in the long run. This episode is a personal favorite because Dial begins the conversation of changing your perspective but more importantly accepts that everyone sees the world differently and that’s okay.

Any frequent listeners of Mindset Mentor know that Dial is always encouraging his listeners to seize the day and take advantage of all the opportunities life has to offer. One day we will all die and be left with the heavily weighted question, did we use the time we’ve been given to our full advantage? “The Time is NOW” is an episode where Dial tackles this overbearing question and offers advice on how to take control of your life. Timing is never going to be perfect; we’re only given one life so create your own version of “perfect timing.” We have to take action on our dreams now because if we don’t we’ll be waiting for that perfect timing forever.

We live in a society where being uncomfortable is something most people try to avoid. However, when we put ourselves in situations where we’re placed outside of our comfort zones, we can develop more as human beings. Very few people enjoy being uncomfortable but the trick is to rewire your brain to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Putting yourself in new and unfamiliar situations triggers a unique part of the brain that releases dopamine. Dial discusses this concept in one of his episodes titled “Destroy Your Comfort Zone,” encouraging all his listeners to destroy their “comfort zones” and live a better life.

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