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How to Avoid “Groundhog Day” Monotony During the Pandemic

Illustration by Olivia Dutkewych

By Molly Livingston, Blogger

Photo from Google

In the 1993 classic film “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray plays a news anchor who finds himself living the same day over and over again. Unable to break the cycle and reach Feb. 3, he starts to go crazy. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has taken over, I know I have had many days feel the exact same. 

Now that Groundhog Day has arrived, here are five ways to make sure you don’t get stuck in it while also staying safe and respecting COVID guidelines!


Although some gyms are still closed, there are thousands of home workout videos available online! Some even include apartment friendly routines so you can be cautious of your neighbors. Another option is going for long walks a few times per week.


Pinterest is a great tool for many DIYs, but it especially gives endless options for homemade meals. Try searching for college friendly recipes that use simple and common ingredients. Bonus points if they are just as delicious as leftovers.

Practice a new skill

Try to find and master a new party trick like juggling, tying a cherry stem in your mouth, quickly solving a rubix cube or a cool magic trick. These will be great icebreakers at parties once the pandemic is over!


Everyone has at least one book on their shelf that they have been meaning to read forever. Try dedicating at least 15 minutes a day to a book and practice a new healthy habit! If you don’t have a book on your imaginary “to-read” list, you can borrow mine: “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng.


A lot of art forms take practice and time, but there are tons of simplified crafts and projects you can try yourself! Abstract art is a great place to start. Try using specific color palettes and shapes to make a design you love and find somewhere special to hang it up.

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