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Athens Farmers Market

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By Mya Wilson, Blogger

Before we talk about how amazing the Athens Farmers Market is, I want to talk about how it has been rated the number one farmers market in Ohio.

The reasons why could be due to their “membership of dedicated food producers who get together to bring you the finest and freshest, most nutrient dense food available in Athens County,” per their website and because they also have beautiful one of a kind art from the Athens Art Guild. Or could it be the people who dedicate their time to the farmers market? As stated by the website, “the market has something for everyone!” to which I agree.

I remember going to the market every Saturday during my freshman year. My favorite areas of choice were the baked bread, the salami area, the delicious cheese and visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ali Baba. Sadly it’s been three years since I’ve been there because life happens and as you get further in your college life you get busy with different things.

I do remember mainly getting this bread that had garlic in it (it wasn’t called garlic bread cause there was more to it), as well as this cheese that was in cube form (I can’t remember the flavor but I remember it tasted delicious). I do remember trying the spicy salami, it wasn’t too spicy but it had a kick to it.

The Athens Farmers market offers items that are hand-crafted by local artists and artisans including jewelry, pottery, paintings, clothing, ceramic and wooden pieces as well. 

I really like how the food was affordable, despite being organic. The vibe of the market was like your typical small town market, the kind people doing hard work and customers appreciating the hard work.

Athens Farmers Market is open Wednesday, 9 a.m. to noon through November 24 and on Saturdays, 9 a.m. to noon, year round. They are located in the front parking lot and inside the Market on East State Street Mall.

Below is a map of the different areas from the website of which vendors they have. 

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