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VRNTselects: Soledad Rodriguez

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Originally From Virginia Beach now residing in Wilmington, NC, Soledad Rodriguez is a digital artist. The 24-year-old creates colorful pieces from everything she draws inspiration from – her environment, people around her, music, films, etc. 

Graphics by Jordan Schmitt

Soledad Rodriguez

Wilmington, NC


“Some pieces of my art aren’t meant to be anything more than a release for me, the creator. Art has always been something I do when I need comfort. It is something that makes me feel whole and brings me immense joy and satisfaction. So for me it is often less about the message I want to portray with my work and more about the atmosphere that is created due to the conditions the piece was created in,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s works often demonstrate female energy. She once read a figure that female artists are not as depicted in the industry, that stuck with her since. “I’m especially inspired by women in art. Women are so underrepresented in every aspect imaginable despite being some of the most innovative people out there. I aim to convey a similar feminine energy that I see in works by Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Marina Abramovic, Marilyn Minter, and Jenny Holzer,” said Rodriguez.

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