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Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates: What’s the Difference?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Morgan Podkul, Blogger

The terms “twin flames” and “soul mates” are often used today with little to no knowledge on what these things really are. Twin flames and soul mates, though very similar, are far from being synonymous to one another. The differences between the two are substantial, yet they often go unnoticed. Do you think you have met your soul mate or twin flame? Here is a simplified way to figure out which you have found.

A soulmate is essentially the coinciding of two separate souls that connect with one another on a higher level. The relationship can be between friends or romantic partners and is often effortless. The two souls are meant to find each other, and when they do, the connection is so strong that creating an unbreakable bond is virtually impossible. There are multiple types of soul mates, including: soul partners, soul ties, past-life soul mates, karmic soul mates, and more.

To have a soul connection with another person is to experience a relationship that feels as though it were meant to happen. The pair understands one another on a different level. Their souls were intended to meet and conjoin, which is why the relationship itself is effortless in the fact that it just feels like two parts of a puzzle are finally coming together.

Illustrations by Macey Elder

Twin flames, though similar, are not the same as soul mates. Whereas soul mates are when two separate souls meet, twin flames are two parts of one soul that has been split in half. A twin flame, essentially, is like meeting yourself through a warped mirror. Not the exact same, but close enough that the similarities are uncanny.

Relationships between twin flames can be romantic or platonic, but either way they are often explosive and unpredictable. Since twin flames are so similar to one another, these relationships tend to be much more difficult than that of soul mates. They are a mirror of strengths and weaknesses, past experiences and traumas as well as likes and dislikes.

Similar to a yin and yang, twin flames often feel as though they complete one another. These shared aspects between these two souls are what causes twin flame connections to often be quite toxic. This is not to say that twin flames cannot have a positive connection. They very easily can be great friends or have a strong relationship, but it will not be without extra work, time and energy.

Soul mates and twin flames are both the unity of two souls that were destined to meet each other, only in different ways and with different results. Whichever powerful connection you might have experienced, be grateful! Appreciate that you have met this special person, and embrace the beauty of the highs and the lows.

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