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This Spooky Pop Playlist Will Make Your Halloween Night a “Thriller”

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By John Pierron, Executive Editor

Picture a Halloween gathering without “Thriller” by Michael Jackson playing at least once. Quite a frightening thought, isn’t it? Setting the foundation for many pop stars to add a spooky twist to their music, Jacksons’s pop hit was the beginning of an entire new genre; spooky pop. Though maybe not recognized by all as an established genre, spooky pop has gained it’s footing in pop culture with artists like Billie Eilish adding a haunting spin to their music and going mainstream.

But wait, what exactly is spooky pop? Just like any genre, there are no strict characteristics of spooky pop. Nevertheless, we like to describe it as pop-inspired music with hints of gothic sounds or terrifying subjects. Imagine a song from the Billboard Hot 100 but with a few sound effects from the last horror movie you watched — that’s spooky pop. If you’re looking for Halloween themed music without having to listen to “Monster Mash,” this is the playlist for you. (But don’t worry, “Calling All the Monsters” by China Anne McClain still makes a well deserved appearance.) Happy Halloween!

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