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New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By: Sarah Osterle, Blogger

A new year brings new fashion, new trends, new music and especially new year resolutions.

Typically when people write about their New Year’s resolutions it is some extravagant plan which entails several routines such as; skin care, gym, healthy diet, waking up at 6 a.m. etc, to be “that person.” AKA, a person who lives in a perfect aesthetic way that seems too good to be true.

I won’t lie and say that I have made some of these my New Year’s resolutions in the past years, but in all honesty I’ve learned that the new year is about baby steps. It’s about helping yourself in a way that feels right to YOU. Here are some small to big resolutions for you this new year.

  • Make time during the week to be with your loved ones.

Having this quality time not only improves your relationships but improves your mental health. It allows for you to relax and catch up with your best mates or siblings. I find that having a chat with a family member or a hometown friend always brightens my mood especially when I’m away from home.

  • Self Care

Typically people only use self care when they have had a really stressful day or week, but self care is for everyday. Self care can range from an entire routine to simply drinking tea outside on your porch. Whatever helps you feel better is something you should try to do everyday. I make an hour a day to watch my comfort show, Gossip Girl, and it definitely makes me feel better!

  • Journaling

For those who are one with their emotions or even those who are trying to do that, journaling is a perfect way to start! It’s one of the best ways to blow off steam or simply write about how you had the best day ever because you got a bagel sammy from Bagel Street. Whatever you choose to write can really benefit your mood and your overall mental health!

  • Try new things.

Now this one is quite vague and ambiguous but it is really how the reader interprets it. It could range from trying new foods to even pushing yourself to try new fashion trends that were once scary to you before, or even dying your hair a funky color which you have been dying to do for months. No matter what, it is always nice to find a new hobby that you like!

Happy New Year resolution making!!!!

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