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Moon Phases and What They Mean for You

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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By Sarah Osterle, Blogger

To us, the moon is a small bright circle in the sky that is really only seen at night but it actually determines a lot about your upcoming endeavors. The moon relates to our feelings to even the tides of the oceans. Here are what the moon means for you when you glimpse at the lunar sky!

Let’s break down the logistics of the moon. There are 4 main phases; new moon, first quarter, full moon, and third quarter. These phases repeat. The interesting thing about this big rock is that we entirely depend on it! It affects our sleep cycles, eating cycles and moods. So when you are feeling moody or sleepy just look up at the sky and the moon will tell you why!

New Moon:

In this phase there is no moon to be seen! This phase represents new beginnings. This can be translated to new relationships, new jobs, new financial beginnings or even as simple as a new food you like. When looking up at the starry night to see nothing can be a wake up call to tell you that new things are coming your way!

First Quarter:

In the first quarter about the right side of the moon is seen and the left is hidden. Like how people see a glass half empty or half full, this is the time to pause and reflect on what is important to you and how to improve. This is also a time of self-appreciation! So take the time out of your day to use your favorite hair mask and have your favorite drink!

Full Moon:

This is where we see the full moon and all of its glory. The full moon represents full power and with this power your manifestations will be strong. At this time, cleanse your tarot cards, crystals and set your full intentions for your manifestations! YOU are powerful at this time!

Third Quarter:

Similar to the first quarter the left hand side is seen and the right hand side is now hidden. In this time the moon is only at its half capacity again and this means for you to release bad intentions and let go of unwelcome vibes. In the third quarter it is really important to cleanse from those poor objectives. This can include meditation or read an empowering book!

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