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Monochromatic Fall Outfit Ideas

By Salma Zerhouane

For me and many other students, fall means the arrival of our best-, layered fits! With fall fashion comes an array of warm and neutral colors. According to Vogue’s article on the “10 Best Fall Fashion Colors 2023 to Wear This Season,” olive green, latte brown, and classic camel are just some of the colors that we are seeing this fall season, and the best way to do it is monochromatic! The definition of monochromatic is “containing or using only one color,” but monochromatic outfits can be interpreted in different ways. I’ve pulled some of my favorite fall monochromatic outfits together to share.

This look is by @fernandaraamirez on Instagram. We all love a cozy fit, and fall is peak time for the coziest of outfits. This cream off-the-shoulder long-sleeve paired with some cream-flared yoga pants gives the ultimate monochromatic cozy look.

This look is by @iamsamiira on Instagram. Navy blue is such a classy color, creatingwhich then creates an elegant fit. The blazer down to the boots and all the way to the purse, this outfit is a monochromatic dream. 

This look is by @xofashioninspo on Instagram. Brown has truly made its comeback within the last few years. It's such a classic color that pairs well with almost every color, especially itself! With this outfit, the brown trousers paired with a brown sweatshirt and a brown vest will keep you warm, fashionable, and monochromatic! 

This look is by @elenore.leojeanne on Instagram. Red is the color of confidence and boldness. The darker red sweater tucked into the red pants already creates such a perfect monochromatic outfit, but then you pair it with a sexy red lip, and it’s monochromatic fireworks!

This look is by @isthisfate on Instagram. Mixing patterns and textures can be so fun, especially when done monochromatically. The floral patterned pants with the long orange and pink sweater, paired with the orange sunglasses, gives all the 70s disco feels. 

Don’t be afraid to have a little monochromatic moment. You can be as bold or as casual as you want, as long as you feel good! So throw on your best monochromatic outfit this fall and shine bright!

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