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How Society Can Evolve Away From Hatred


There are several elements that connect to the “Evolve” theme. First, the EVLV logo at the top pays tribute to Variant Magazine’s continued efforts to spread awareness to our world’s changing political and social ideals. The diversified culture at Ohio University is very important to me, and I’m glad that Variant shines a much needed light on it. Second, the “hatred” soil references the deep, deplorable history of hatred (against certain marginalized groups and races) that the United States has, something that has become increasingly known in recent weeks. Lastly, the plant represents all of the good things that we are seeing today following the countless examples of injustice, peaceful protests filled with love, unity among those who are understanding of people who are different from them. This shows our ability, as humans, to evolve even in a time of extreme chaos and, stand united in the fight for equality and equity for all.

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