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Halloween Costumes for 2023

By Emma Khayat

This year, cinema made a significant comeback. With movies like Barbie, Super Mario Brothers, and The Little Mermaid, the possibilities are nearly endless! Whether you want to dress up with a group, a partner, or show out solo, there are plenty of potential costumes.

Group Costumes: If you and all your best friends want to show out together, then look no further.

  1. Barbies

    1. The sky's the limit. You and all your friends could pose as different Barbies. There’s President Barbie, Stereotypical Barbie you could even stick a pillow under your shirt and be Midge, the pregnant Barbie. This group costume is suitable for a friend group of any size!

  2. Top Gun

    1. This classic costume is easy to execute if you have a leather or bomber jacket. Aviators are also key when it comes to this costume. You could do this with any group, large or small. If you want to make it even more fun, I’d recommend giving everybody call signs.

  3. Taylor Swift Eras

    1. If you love Taylor Swift, this one's for you. Get together as many friends as you want, and everyone can dress up as their favorite Taylor Swift era!

Duo Costumes: Whether you are looking to serve with your partner or a bestie, there are more than enough possibilities for you.

  1. Mario and Luigi

    1. Like Top Gun, this is another classic. To pull this off, you will need a red shirt, a green shirt, and some suspenders or overalls. This costume is as old as time, and you’ll have fun no matter how you decide to do it.

  2. Barbie and Oppenheimer

    1. If you are looking for a duo costume involving the two biggest movies of the year, then here you have it. You could also do Barbie and Ken, but this is a bit funnier.

  3. The Lorax and the Once-ler.

    1. This one is for any duo who wants to be a little funny on Halloween. At the least, you will need an all-green outfit and an orange sweater to make this work.

  4. Stepbrothers

    1. This is another silly costume that is easy to put together. If you have a sweater vest, you can pull this one off.

Solo Costumes: There is so much potential when it comes to single costumes this year. With so many new movies and television shows to choose from, thank God you have a whole weekend.

  1. Wednesday Addams

    1. This costume gives you the chance to either put together an elaborate all-black look, or just throw something together at the last minute. Whether you’ve been preparing for months or hours, you could make this work.

  2. Princess Diaries’ Mia Thermopolis

    1. Put on some headphones and your senior year homecoming dress, and suddenly you are Mia Thermopolis. This costume is cute and easy to put together.

  3. Patrick Bateman

    1. American Psycho is an ever-popular movie. All you need for this costume is a suit, and maybe if you’re trying to put in the work, a clear raincoat would tie it all together.

  4. McLovin

    1. This is a great idea for anyone who is a fan of SuperBad. Put on some glasses, cackles, and tuck in your dress shirt to the max, and suddenly you are McLovin. If you’re feeling creative, you could even sketch and cut out a Hawaii ID on a notecard or something to carry around a dress shirt.

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