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From Circuit Board to Runway: How Cameron Hughes is Transforming Fashion

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Olivia Lutz, Head of Videography

Read it and weep your going to need more time to make something like this. @gigihadid @Tan France for #nextinfashion ♬ original sound – Cameron Hughes

What do Gigi Hadid, Doja Cat, and Tiktok trans activist Dylan Mulvaney all have in common? They all have worked with New York based Cameron Hughes, who is a pioneer in the tech and fashion worlds, popularizing fashion tech. Fashion tech is a term used to describe a category of clothing that combines fashion and technology with advanced fabrics, construction techniques, and designs that focus on functionality, mobility, and durability. I first noticed Hughes’ work when he collaborated with fashion muse and supermodel Gigi Hadid. The notable fashion designer created a receipt dress, titled “Thermal Dress.” The garment is unique in both its aesthetic and functionality. After hours of planning, constructing, and designing, Cameron was successful as, with a click of a button, multiple receipt machines began to descend from the ensemble reading “transform” vertically. This dress was displayed on season 2 of Netflix’s fashion competition show Next in Fashion, starring both Gigi Hadid and co-host Tan France.

However, the receipt dress isn’t the only famous garment the upcoming designer has created. Hughes additionally worked with NYC based jewelry and creative studio owner Chris Habana. The two creatives made a Doja Cat X Taco Bell spinning flower bra for the taco chain’s latest advertisement. Hughes is not only popular within the fashion community but also within the TikTok community, with 659.7k followers as of April 2023. The designer started to gain popularity during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and hasn’t stopped there. With a whopping 2.9 million views on TikTok, @cameronhughes informs his followers behind the scenes of his creative process and how he made the look for the Say So singer and other influencers. Graduating with a BFA in Advanced Sculpture from Syracuse University. With the addition of lessons from YouTube and maker blogs, Hughes has combined his passion for both fashion and engineering.

Cameron’s most recent work was used in Dylan Mulvaney’s social media face reveal campaign after recently undergoing facial feminization surgery. The actress and comedian wore a skirt titled “Blossom” as she gracefully posed on Instagram wearing the masterpiece. Hughes states in one of his TikTok videos that the dress took a lot of prototyping, and with the help of a 3D printing program, the garment came to life, referencing Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake Ballet. The turquoise skirt petals are then sanded, painted, screwed together, and coded to move at any angle with a remote control. The final look of the piece is jaw-dropping, and it is easy to see that Hughes is a passionate pioneer in his field, and I am excited to see what project he will come out with next.

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