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Drag Icons Make Their Mark on Pop Culture Through Music

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By John Pierron, Executive Editor

Just like any other art form, Drag pushes boundaries and makes a statement. Now more than ever, Drag icons are entering the music industry to give us bops unlike any other. This out of the box playlist is made up of songs by Drag icons, or featuring drag icons, as they make their mark on pop culture. For many kings, queens and Club Kids, breaking social norms is nothing new — and you will be able to hear that through their music.

Listen to this playlist with an open mind to hear commentary on the world around us, get inspiration or challenge your views on what pop culture even is. Having fun and making statements is what drag is all about, so we hope you are able to feel that energy through these songs made by some of our LGBTQ+ siblings. Hopefully their energy motivates you to love yourself the way you are, and absolutely work it!

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