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Curology College Ambassador Program

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Ashley Formani

Curology and its College Ambassador Program are super excited to share an great opportunity for college students to get access to affordable and effective skincare through their Curology Access Program.

Curology is a skincare company that provides personalized skin care treatments. A Curology provider works one on one with each customer to create a personal skin care plan. This may include anything from acne and blackheads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Each member gets a free consultation with a dermatology provider, who prescribes a custom mix for your unique needs and ships it directly to you. Your dermatology provider sticks by you to make sure your formula is right for you and can adapt it as your skincare goals change.

Each month, Curology and its employees provide 1,000 free limited subscriptions to eligible participants that provide documentation of financial need via the Curology Access Program.

The Curology Access Program provides $485 worth of credit for Curology medication, products, and services. This credit may be used for Curology provider consultations, the first month of Curology prescription medication, 12 shipments of Curology large custom bottles, and/or the purchase of non-prescription skincare products that maybe offered by Curology.

To sign up for the program and to see if you may qualify, students can go to the bottom of the home page and click on the link titled “Curology Access Program”. If no link is present upon home page visit, it means that all 1000 subscriptions have been given away for that month.

However, be sure to check back next month to sign up.

All Ohio University students who want to sign up for Curology can go to to get their first month free, just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

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