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Comfortable and fashionable campus footwear

By Ethan Hofer

Footwear has evolved over time to the point where we now have an extreme plethora of shoes and boots to wear for a variety of occasions. There are some amazing fashionable footwear choices, but wearing a piece of footwear like the Rick Owens Kiss Boots on the hilly grounds of Ohio University would be extremely challenging., Sso, we need a combination of something both fashionable and comfortable that fits most color palettes whilst giving us stability. While there are many options out there, here are some of my favorites:

Image From Vogue

Adidas Sambas

Originally created in 1949, the Adidas Samba has quite an extensive history. OriginallyO, originally making its debut for soccer players early on it , but became a staple shoe in the 1990s for skateboarders worldwide. Despite it being a popular trainer shoe for athletes, it also reached popularity amongst the general public and became one of Adidas' most popular shoes. The iconic shoe features a low-top silhouette made with suede and leather, with the famous three-stripe logo across the shoe. The shoe’s neutral black and white colorway is by far the most worn and compliments many different types of outfits, but Adidas also offers plenty of other colorways for its customers. The shoe can be found on Adidas’ website, or you can find vintage or second-hand pairs on sites like eBay or Etsy.

Image from Sneaker Freaker

German Army Trainers

If you are looking for a shoe with an incredibly subtle design, German Army Trainer or GAT shoes are a way to go. The shoe was first created in 1939, for the idea of function, instead of fashion, as the inventors sought after comfortability and durability. Like lots of military wear, German Army Trainers were used by Germany in a few wars. After the Cold War, military personnel got rid of their “useless” apparel like the GATs, which flooded thrift stores and became increasingly available to the general public. The shoe itself is mostly white with leather, grey upper, suede trim, and a tan sole. Many brands, including Maison Margiela, have made shoes that take inspiration from GATs but can cost up to ten times the price of a vintage pair of GATs. Vintage German Army Trainers are available in many sizes on sites such as eBay, Grailed, or Depop.

Image from Wall Street Journal

Combat Boots

Another symbol of vintage military footwear is the combat boot. Combat boots date back to the classical era, which took place in the 1st century, as almost every single country that has endeavored into war has used them. The boots themselves are incredibly diverse, considering each country has made its own version of them, despite the majority of them fitting the scheme of black and leather. Combat boots are incredibly stable and comfortable while also fitting the same aesthetic as Doc Marten's black leather boots and are, for the most part, more affordable than a new pair of Docs. Vintage combat boots are extremely accessible to find online and are available in most online retail stores.

Image from Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Margiela Tabis

If you are looking for a high-end statement piece to stand out from the crowd, Margiela Tabis is what you are looking for. The split-toe boot or shoe was originally influenced by the 15th-century Japanese worker’s shoe, where the split-toe design was made to promote balance and was first designed by Mason Margiela in 1989. Margiela Tabis are crafted from camel leather, with a three-centimeter cylindrical heel, in colors black, white, Paris blue, and gray. They are sold as many types of shoes and boots, including ballerinas, heels, slip-ons, ankle boots, western boots, and much more. Mason Margiela Tabis are available on their website, and if you cannot afford the high price of these boots, alternatives can be found on sites like Etsy for as low as $70.

Image from Culted

You should always use fashion as a means of expressing yourself, and footwear is obviously included in this. Whether you are on your way to class or going out, your shoes or boots should be comfortable, and hopefully these options can serve as a guide to your self-expression.

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