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Astrology Explained

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Lily Roby, Features Editor

Astrology is an ancient practice that is commonly known to have originated around 2,400 years ago in Babylon of Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Today, our society turns to astrology as a source of truth, using it to delve deep into the people around us, ourselves and the future.

Primarily, astrology centers on a birth chart, which is based on time, date and location of your birth. Believers in astrology then look at the alignment of the stars, moon and other planets in our solar system. In conjunction, these alignments are what determine aspects of personalities and energies in people and places, respectively. Depending on their birth charts, people can be categorized into one of 12 astrological signs and by its elements: earth, air, water and fire.

Astrology is also easily split into three separate signs—sun, moon and rising. Many people rely on horoscopes only based on sun signs because they feel that astrology can be complicated, but it’s honestly pretty simple. Sun signs, or the primary birth sign that people identify with, are who you are at your core.

Moon signs, however, are a different story. According to a Bustle article on astrology, “moon signs tell us a lot about how one processes emotions and can give a lot of insight on how someone functions intuitively.” In short, moon signs are how you process characteristics like emotional intimacy, base instincts and deeper aspects of your personality.

Rising signs are typically the easiest to guess since they are how you express yourself. Your first impression, or how people perceive you, tends to be your rising sign. “While the sun represents the core of yourself and the moon represents your inner self, you can think of your rising sign as representative of your outer self,” the article explains.

Today, apps such asCo–Star and The Pattern are incredibly popular for people to easily discover and learn about their signs. These apps also act as a form of social media, allowing people to connect with others with similar signs and share their experiences and opinions on astrological predictions.

Below are more information on the signs and their birth dates, so you can determine your sign, too!

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