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A Guide to a Safe and Fun HallOUween

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

By Salma Zerhouane

HallOUween, is arguably one of the biggest weekends in Athens, and the time is creeping upon us. Whether you’ve been in Athens for the weekend previously or this is your first time, I believe we can all agree it's part of the culture at OU. Discussions of costumes and which parties to attend are looming in the air as the weekend approaches. The holiday is a time to celebrate with friends and express yourself through your costumes, but it's also a time to stay alert and be aware of the dangers that can come along with major block parties such as HallOUween. Whether you’re staying in or going out, it's always important to be safe and be aware. Here is a guide with some tips for you to have a safe and fun HallOUween!

Dorm Rules! If you live in a dorm, verify your dorm hall rules applying to the weekend. Don’t be afraid to talk to your RAs and confirm any and all rules and regulations that they expect you to know. You can also search “Halloween” on; a page of info will be readily available.

Make sure you go with a group! There is not only power in numbers, but safety as well. Never leave someone behind or alone, especially at large parties or gatherings like HallOUween.

Drink safely! Know your limit when and if you are drinking. Stay hydrated and fed, no matter what your plan is. The most important thing is that you take care of and listen to your body.

Costume! Wear a costume that makes you feel good and comfortable! Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Go as all out or all in as you want, as long as that costume does not appropriate or mock any culture or people. Not only is confidence sexy, but respect is even sexier.

Overall safety tips! Coming from a second year, here are some tips to know when you are out for HallOUween. Keep in mind that there are cops everywhere, with some being on horses. Do not harass or violate the police or their horses; this is to ensure your safety! Do not have open containers of alcohol on public grounds (Court Street, sidewalks, College Green, etc). Be aware of where you are going to party, especially if you’re underage. Establish a safety plan; for example, share your location with someone you trust and is reliable, and confirm that you have a safe place to go at the end of the night.

And Remember! The weekend is about celebrating Halloween with your friends and your community. Whether you’re going out or staying in, make sure you enjoy your night, have fun, stay safe, and do what makes you happy!

So put your costumes on or nestle into your bed with a scary movie, and have a fun and safe HallOUween!

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