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8 Things to Add to Your 2021 Bucket List

Illustration by Olivia Dutkewych

By Maya Meade, Blogger

Learn a New Skill New years often call for fresh starts and resolutions. Amid a pandemic, there are only so many things to do that are safe. Learning a new skill is a great tool to distract yourself from the stress you may be experiencing, and is often just a fun thing to do. Try knitting, embroidery or crocheting and make things for friends and family. Attempt to learn a new language that is spoken in a place you want to fly to when the pandemic is over. Try new recipes or take your chances with roller skating or skateboarding to be more active. The options are endless.

Explore Ohio Ohio has a lot of beautiful and coronavirus-safe activities to participate in all year round. In the winter months, take the opportunity to visit the sauna pods at Hocking Hills or go for a hike in one of the many state parks that Ohio has to offer. When the weather warms up, hiking is always still an option, but white water rafting, zip-lining, kayaking and swimming all become great options, too!

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Read Some Books Many people want to read more books but often feel that they don’t have the time. Setting a realistic goal to read some books based on your lifestyle will help the goals be more achievable. It could be as simple as reading one book in 2021 or reading a book once a week this year. If reading doesn’t appeal to you, try listening to audiobooks while you are exercising or in the car. Either way, you will likely benefit from the downtime and stories that books bring to you.

Diversify Your Palate This is a way to support local businesses or improve your cooking skills. It is very easy to only choose the foods that provide comfort to us, but sometimes trying new things is very beneficial. Challenge yourself to try something from 10 local businesses in your town this year that you have never had before or try a new recipe every week at home.

Take a Road Trip with a Friend While Ohio has a lot to offer, so does the rest of the United States. Plan a week or two of driving and new experiences with a friend. There are several national parks and random things to see all over the country. In Idaho, you could stay in a luxury potato, or you could explore the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Once you know where you want to go, find the hidden gems to stop at along the way.

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Watch Documentaries or Listen to a Podcast This is an opportunity to learn in the comfort of your home, on your way to work or while taking a walk. A majority of the streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ have a wide variety of documentaries to choose from so there is bound to be something that interests you. Similarly, there are a lot of ways to access podcasts. They can be educational, funny, political or even about true crime and they are a great way to learn and be entertained at home or on the go.

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