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6 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Illustration by Olivia Dutkewych

By Reagan Goldberg, Blogger

We have all been in the situation where you get invited to a last minute Halloween event and you are in desperate need for a costume. Or maybe you can’t afford to put together a very lavish costume this year and need to create one on a budget. Even though Halloween looks different this year and most of us will be celebrating from home, here are some last-minute costume ideas that will not drain your bank account:

Among Us:

Are you sus?! Wear one of your favorite plain sweatshirts backward and grab a surgical mask (we should all have at least one of those lying around by now!) to instantly become part of the Among Us game! Will you be a crewmate or an imposter?

Stick Figure:

Want to really brighten up the room? All you need is a plain black shirt or sweatshirt, black pants, glow sticks and some double-sided tape or hot glue. Use the same color glow sticks and glue or tape them to the shirt and pants to make it look like a stick figure. Crack the glow sticks before going out and you are good to go!

Risky Business:

Do you like “Old Time Rock and Roll?” All you need to complete your Risky Business look is a dress shirt (easily found in the men’s section of most retailers), shorts, cheap sunglasses and knee-high white socks. Even if you can’t slide across a hardwood floor, you can still have fun lip-syncing in your comfy ensemble!

Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Need a cheap group costume for a socially-distanced night out with your friends? Well, all you need are red, blue and green sweatshirts and pants of your choice. The person who decides to be Alvin would have to paint a yellow “A” on the red sweatshirt and the one who is Simon might need some fake glasses for the finishing touch. Voila! The perfect trio costume!


If you really do not want to put together a costume, then there is an easy solution: go out and purchase a onesie! There are so many different designs, and you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable and ready for bed all night long.

Candy Corn:

If you really want to be creative and unique, go out as a classic Halloween candy! All you will need is a white hat, orange sweatshirt or shirt and yellow pants. Everyone will get a sweet tooth just by looking at you!

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