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Graphic by Maddie James

By: Alaina Falbo; Blogger

Every year when summer comes around, I like to make a bucket list to challenge myself to see what I can accomplish. Bucket lists are also a great cure for summer boredom. I usually get ideas from social media, mostly TikTok. I try to put things on my list that I’ve never experienced. Here are the eight activities you should try in the last weeks of summer!

Go bike riding 

Bike riding is a perfect way to enjoy the summer sunshine and get some exercise as well. There are many bike riding trails in or around your city.

Go on a hike

Like bike riding, going on a hike is another way to enjoy the weather. It gives you a chances to explore nature while getting exercise. Here are a few websites to find good hikes around your area! 

Find a new city or town in your state 

Each state has their own hidden gems. By getting out and exploring somewhere new can allow you to come across some neat places. You can even make it a day trip, pack snacks, a cooler and stay for the day and tour a new area. 

Go strawberry/flower picking 

Another great way to be outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends. Strawberry picking by be available at your local farmers market or searching online may help you find many options. This is something that has been on my summer bucket list for a few years now and I have not done. I am hoping this is the year I accomplish it. 

Jewelry making/painting tote bags

This was inspired by popular craft Tiktoks. With more free time in the summer, crafting is a great way to spend some time being creative. Beaded jewelry and canvas tote bags are very trendy this summer and it is a fun activity to keep you busy. 

Go on a picnic

Pack your favorite snacks, bring a blanket, and some pillows and enjoy the outside. My go-to snacks in the summer are any kind of fruit, chips, salsa, and guacamole. You could also order take-out from your favorite local restaurant to bring to a picnic as well. It would be so fun to have a picnic while the sun was setting. 

Attend a Drive-in 

This is a classic summer activity to enjoy under the stars. It is so fun to bring your friends, lay out a bunch of pillows and blankets in the trunk of a car and watch movies while eating candy, popcorn, and drinking slushies. 

Start a new hobby 

Summer is the perfect time to start a new hobby due to having some extra time on our hands. Some include photography, reading, gardening, or learning how to cook or bake something new!

There are always new places to explore wherever you are this summer as well as activities for all interests. Summer is the perfect time to discover something new! 

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