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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Maya Meade, Blogger

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of the perfect gift to give your mother or important parental figure in your life. Aside from the typical gifts like accessories, flowers and breakfast in bed, there are many unique ways to show your loved ones you care. You can get creative and make your own, or buy from local businesses.

Here is some inspiration for you to start the search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

This gift is fun for anyone that loves to look at old memories. The reel viewer provides the perfect opportunity for you to find your favorite photos with the family and put them all in one place for your mom.

The smartphone vase is a great place to put the flowers that your mom might be receiving on this special day. It allows her to wake up to the view of fresh flowers that hold her phone at the same time.

Perfect for moms that love the smell of “freshly trimmed flowers on the kitchen table” and their name on a candle. The brand, Homesick, has candles for any gift-giving occasion and you can choose which scent and name would be best for your parent.

A favorite pastime of many, puzzles provide a challenge and a fun activity to do alone, with family, or with friends. Galison makes beautifully flawless puzzles depicting a variety of scenes to choose from for giving gifts.

Finding time to relax can be a challenge so you might as well be comfortable when you’re doing it. A Comfy provides warmth all over and can be used for reading, watching shows and movies, or walking around the house. Weighted blankets provide additional comfort for people that suffer from anxiety and enjoy the feeling of being hugged.

Buying Lush products are a great way to show your love for the planet, and for your moms. Lush sells a variety of beauty and bath products that will rejuvenate your mother’s skin or make her baths scented, colorful and extra bubbly.

If your mom loves jewelry, this is a way to get her something special that she can make herself or that can be made by you. Madewell has a variety of make-your-own bracelets so you can match with your mom or let her make it herself.

A Massage or Mani-Pedi

Many moms deserve a chance to feel good so giving her a day at the spa can’t hurt. Treating her to a massage or buying her a new set of nails will make her feel relaxed and beautiful.

If your mom loves wine and candy, she’ll love these wine gummies. These all-natural, bite-sized treats come with merlot, chardonnay, and rosé wine flavors for all the wine-loving moms in your life.

Breakfast in Bed

This gift is a classic for anyone that loves to cook. Breakfast in bed shows your mom that her food was baked with love and gives her a freshly cooked meal. If you don’t like to cook, support your local bakeries or brunch restaurants and bring the food to her or take her out to eat.

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