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John Quiñones, 2020 Car Van Anda Award Recipient

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By Olivia Szmania, Blogger

John Quinones, former ABC News correspondent and host of the show, “What Would You Do?” received the Carr Van Anda Award at Ohio University on October 19th.

The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, gives the The Car Van Anda award to recognize the outstanding work by journalist during their careers .

He has won seven national emmys for his work with “Primetime”. Starting from the beginning, he grew up in poverty. He dealt with judgement because of his economic status and for being Hispanic. John knew very little English but worked hard to become fluent.

He stated, “My parents always inspired me to dream big dreams.” Going into TV broadcasting, he got at least 80 rejection letters but he decided to go to graduate school, where he finally got a TV broadcasting job.

ABC News found him from his initial immigration story that investigated illegally entering the U.S. and the conditions people were facing that made them want to leave.

Once he got his start, he came up with the idea of WWYD from experience. He heard the negative stories of his community growing up and wanted to shed a light on the positive. The TV show celebrates heroes and shows there is always good in the world.

John said that his hope as a journalist has always been to “speak to the moved and shaken, for those who have no voice, the real people.” John prides himself on being factual. He believes credibility is the key to journalism.

Fake news and internet news have become a problem as people look specifically at one point of view. The division of people and disinformation seeks to confirm one’s own biases.

John says that everyone has to promote and support factual reporting, as the future of democracy depends on it.

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