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Disney Films and the Personalities Behind Them

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Olivia Addis, Blogger

When I was a little girl, Disney was basically my life. I had a red wig, princess posters and lion stuffed animals. I’m sure that wasn’t just me, though. Disney created itself to be a dynasty that lived in the homes of many families. Disney made movies that were fun and magical but also had an important message for kids to recognize. In Mulan, little girls were able to witness female empowerment and how women can be strong; in Finding Nemo, we learn to never give up—no matter how much you want to at times; in Beauty and the Beast, kids learn to love what’s on the inside. No matter the message, Disney did that, and Disney will forever foster a great childhood to provide moral direction.

Not only did the movies sent great messages, but the soundtracks also kicked butt. Despite how old I get, if “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid comes on, you bet I’ll be singing every single word. The same goes for so many other songs in the Disney classics; every song from each specific character or movie conveys an essential message. In Tangled, we see that Rapunzel has an adventurous spirit and that it is okay to be you. In Alice In Wonderland, we see that it’s okay to have a vivid imagination and that anything is possible if you believe in it hard enough.

Upon this notion, “Instagrammers” have been getting busy trying to see what character they may be based on their looks. I took it upon myself to ask a few people what Disney character or movie they may be—not by their looks—but by that character or movie’s personality.

Bella Kibby, a junior at Ohio University, answered “Beauty and The Beast because I am empathetic and try to put myself in other shoes, which causes me to give second chances a lot.”

Shaina Dubinskiy, a junior journalism student, mused, “I think I am The Little Mermaid because I feel like I am in a bubble, and I want to get out and see what else is out there!”

Senior Chris Cleverly responded, “I am probably Mulan because I am independent and like to handle situations on my own. I also respect and care for the people I love and who love me and would defend them in any situation.”

How cute is that? No matter what character you think you may be, it still rings true that you take away something from Disney movies, and I guarantee that everyone can name at least ten Disney movies if you ask them.

Ask your friends to see if they are true Disney fans!

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