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A Rundown on the World of Among Us

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Photo by Kate Bender

By Reagan Goldberg, Blogger

By now, most people have either played or at least heard of the popular game Among Us. If you haven’t entered the virtual world yet, here’s a crash course on how the game works so you’ll be ready to dominate when you first play. Among Us is a game that you can download onto your HP through steam or on your iPhone through the app store.

How the game works

There is a maximum of 10 players and anywhere between one and three players are considered “imposters” while the rest are considered “crewmates.” There are three different maps/courses you can play in, and you can choose to join public games (ones that have already been made) or create your own game with its own code.

In the actual game, the crewmates are given specific tasks to complete to win while also reporting dead bodies all while trying to figure out who the imposters are; and vote them out before the imposters kill everyone. Imposters can sabotage different things and if no one fixes them in time, the crewmates could die. This sabotage can also create a distraction so imposters can kill. Once you are killed in the game, your avatar becomes a ghost and can still complete tasks to help win the game. Imposters can also use the vent systems, which act as a quick getaway escape, to transport to different rooms within the map. Put simply, crewmates need to complete their tasks as quickly as they can without dying and need to vote out the imposters as quickly as possible.


This game is a great way to stay connected with your friends while staying socially distanced. For instance, my friends and I play the game while we are on a Zoom call with one another. It helps us stay connected while we are away at different schools and it is also fun seeing everybody’s unique nicknames. You can choose your nickname and customize your color and hat that your avatar can wear.

Among Us is an incredibly fun game to pass the time. I highly recommend this game and suggest you give it a try if you are looking for a new game to play amongst your friends. (Warning: once you play you will undoubtedly become obsessed.)

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