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3 Tips to Embrace Sneaker Culture


Being an African American male and being raised in the United States, sneaker culture has been a big part of my life. Unfortunately, due to the cost of these shoes, I was only able to observe sneaker culture from afar through my friends.

With the uprising of new shoe styles like Yeezys and Jordans, it’s kind of hard to find these shoes at a relatively cheap price. There is also an abundance of fake shoes out there and it is my job to lead you through what I like to call the Hyperbeast Shoe Adventure. A Hyperbeast being a person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. It could also be a person who wears what is “hyped up” in the fashion world. My goal is to navigate you through three ways to obtain real, authentic Hyperbeat Shoes.


The first way to get cool sneakers is a website/app called GOAT or Stock X. They always have 100% real, authentic shoes that are often auctioned or bought outright. The seller of the shoe will ship it to a lab where they check the authenticity of the shoe to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.


The second way is to go to an event called Sneakercon. They hold it all over the United States so, it can be a very viable way to get sneakers for cheaper than usual. You can also trade up from stickers and eventually by the end of the day get yourself a pair of Yeezys. This is one of the more cheaper ways to get really expensive sneakers for the worth of a Supreme Sticker, which is around 5 dollars. It’s my personal favorite way to get really expensive shoes for a low price.

Link to Sneakercon tickets:


The third way you can get authentic Hypebeast shoes is to just go to an expensive shoe store. Although, I would not recommend this path for you if you’re a college student like me who’s on a tight budget. This option is the best option though if you are looking to ensure that your sneakers are 100% new and real.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to find the perfect sneakers for you as long as you rock them and make them your own.

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